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Thunder Mountain Minerals

840 west 1700 south #2

Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Tel: 435-287-4285

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Do you have a question about Thunder Mountain Minerals? Check out our handy FAQ's below. You might find just the right answer!


Where do the minerals come from that make Thunder Mountain Minerals so special?

These are minerals that come directly from the ground. After a worldwide flood, a huge lake covered the western lands of our continent. During that time, minerals leeched out of the rocks and soil into the beds of that lake. When that lake drained, it left behind a treasure trove of powerful minerals. We have located a secret stash of the most potent, and necessary minerals, and make them available in a form that horses love.

What improvements should I expect to see?

You'll see an immediate change in the temperament of your horse. Angry horses mellow out, nervous horses calm down. Once they have tried Thunder Mountain Minerals, they will be following you around wanting some more. The next change is an improvement in digestion. Gut flora is restored with the helpful bacteria we put in. Probably the biggest change is in their hooves. Coronary band injuries and the resulting hoof cracks heal quickly. Laminitis fades away, leaving your horse with healthy, happy feet.


Why is Thunder Mountain Minerals so much cheaper than the competition?

Because our minerals come from the ground, we don't have to pay the higher prices that the chemical companies charge our competitors. The result is savings for you, and a natural way to restore what's missing in your horse's diet.

Returns & refunds

If you aren't 100% happy with the results you get from giving Thunder Mountain Minerals to your horse, just contact us for a full refund. 

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