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It should be called "Thunder Mountain Miracles!"

Tyrell Riley - Team Penning Champ

Erda, Utah

Thunder Mountain Minerals have changed my horse’s life and mine for the better. I rescued Molly from an environment that was killing her. When I got her home, her feet looked like elf shoes, her coat was shaggy and all around health was fading. I searched around for a supplement that could help you get back to the way a horse should be. I found Thunder Mountain Minerals online, after reading the testimonials, I decided to give it a shot. I started seeing results as soon as 2 weeks. Her demeanor changed. She was happier and calmer. You could tell she felt better. After 3 months of being on the supplements, she was a totally different horse. She looked brand new. She had great growth on her hooves, and her coat was shiny and clean like it should be. This product is no joke, and I am so happy that I gave it a shot. It works, it truly does, and if you love your horse like I do, then don’t wait to give it a shot. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Anna Marie Vail – Owner, Marti Vail – Barrel Racer, Breakaway Roper, and Pole Bender

Erda, Utah

When we first tried Thunder Mountain Minerals we put 5 horses and 1 pony on it.  Each having unique challenges.  1- Flash, 20+ year old pony gelding.  A couple of years ago Flash started showing signs of Cushing’s disease.  I tried a number of supplements and herbal remedies to help him.  Nothing worked.  After 30 days on Thunder Mountain Minerals Flash finally shed out the rest of the long shaggy hair that we could not get off of him without shaving him.  He has regained his topline and actually has some muscling coming back in his hip. 2- Max, 20 year old, 16 hand stallion.  Max looks and acts like a 10 year old.  TMM also helped him with excessive water drinking and urinating.  He looks amazing.  3- Pete – 6 year old race bred barrel horse prospect – Pete’s attitude and trainability have greatly improved since being on TMM.  Lunge time is greatly reduced and he is being ridden more and with more productivity.  His body condition has improved as well.  He is showing muscle definition and correct weight.  Pete tends to gain weight even with portion control.  The other three are an 11 year old mare used for breakaway roping, a 15 year old mare used for pole bending and barrel racing, and a 14 year old gelding used for barrel racing.  All three of these horses look at hay and get fat.  TMM has helped all of them keep a healthy weight easier and with less feed.  They look good and feel good and are performing better than ever.  And if you need hoof growth, look no further.  In addition, all of these horses would devour salt blocks when I placed them in the feeders.  Now the blocks are lasting 4 times as long.  They are finally getting everything they need.  I am sold on Thunder Mountain Minerals!

Marilyn Banning - Trainer, Sunnyhill Arabians

Sandy, Utah

Sharif, my arabian, suffered greatly from the brutality of some inexperienced hands before I rescued him. Arabians are high strung by nature, but Sharif was almost too much to handle. I am amazed at the improvement in his attitude and general behavior after being on Thunder Mountain Minerals for a few months. He acts like a younger horse and generally seems more calm and happier. I'm sticking with Thunder Mountain Minerals.

Polly Quigley - Owner

Price, Utah

Our horse Paco was foundered off and on for several years. We had him on Glucosamine, Lysine, and many other supplements with no improvement. We started him Thunder Mountain Minerals in mid-October, and were riding him on Thanksgiving day. Amazing!

Roanna Rich -Owner

Price, Utah

We had our vet take x-rays before he was put on the supplement. The pad underneath the coffin bone was so thin it was nearly non existent. Our horse has been on the supplement for nearly 90 days. New updated x-rays show the pad under the coffin bone has re-grown. It is now 2" thick and supporting the coffin bone. Our horse is no longer sore and bucks and plays in the pasture. We're already riding him again with no soundness issues. Our vet is still scratching his head.

Farrier & Trainer

I have been shoeing horses for 10 years, and have seen horses struggle with dry cracked hooves, founder/laminitis, flat weak soles prone to abscesses, and much more. I have seen Thunder Mountain Minerals help eliminate these hoof problems I'm faced with, as quickly as 30 days. I personally use it on all 6 of my horses.

I've been shoeing an 18 year old that was born with a club foot. He has struggled with it all his life. His owner put him on Thunder Mountain Minerals 60 days ago, and the results have been amazing! His hoof has grown back! I couldn't remember which had been the club foot. Thanks Thunder Mountain!



Horse owners are constantly looking for products that will benefit their horses. We try different brushes, pads, training techniques, the newest boots, grains and saddles. We care about our horses and want them to be healthy and happy. As a horse trainer, it is my duty to offer my horses and clients the best of everything that I can. It is my responsibility to optimize each aspect of my program to ensure that my horses can perform at the top of their ability. I have been searching for the magic ingredient and found it in Thunder Mountain Minerals. Never have my horses been so willing and trainable. Never have they been so happy and healthy.  I am so happy to have finally found the magic product that keeps my horses at the top of their game, inside and outside of the show pen!

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