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The amazing supplement that replaces anything you can give your horse also comes in 50 lb. bags. 230 days of miracles for average-sized horses 800lbs to 1100 lbs. 460 days for smaller horses, and 150 days for larger horses.

If you have tried Thunder Mountain Minerals with your horses, you already know that it has made amazing changes in their health, and attitude, and especially their hooves.


Now with a new bag that's easier to carry and easier to open. This tough new bag has a durable woven poly inner liner, with a durable and comfortable paper outer shell.


Buy this 50 lb bag, and you won't get caught without it again. It's like getting a whole month for free.
Pleasant apple flavor that horses crave. Scoop Included. NET WT 50 lbs. (22.68 kg)

230 Day Supplement Pellets

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